Dr. McCaulley is a published author.

He also regularly contributes to various online magazines and commentaries.

Check out a few of his publications…..


“Thurman among Modern Jesus Scholars: Howard Thurman’s Jesus and the Disinherited in Conversation with Jens Schröter and Dale Allison” in Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus (accepted for publication) 

Sharing in the Son’s Inheritance: Davidic Messianism and Paul’s Worldwide Interpretation of the Abrahamic Land Promise in Galatians Library of New Testament Studies, T & T Clark        

“The Covenant Curses, the Restoration, and the Inheritance of the Son: Jesus as Servant and Messiah in Gal 1:4 and Beyond” in New Studies in Textual Interplay Library of New Testament Studies, T & T Clark (Forthcoming)


“How the Coming of Son brings Hope to the Fatherless” Christianity Today (web only) 12/7/17

“Its Not My Daughter Job to Teach Me about Women” Christianity Today (Web Only) 6/18

“What Black Panther Means for Christians: This celebration of black culture and black success points to a bigger story for the church.” Christianity Today (Web Only)

“The Psalms, The Temple, and the Nations.” Christianity Today (Web Only) 3/ 23/18

“The Word of God Came” Christianity Today Advent Devotional 2018

“Hearts Made ready” Christianity Today Advent Devotional 2018