Andy Johnson and the March for Justice

Andy Johnson loves fighting battles. Especially when he has his favorite sword, the Destroyer, by his side. So when Dad announces that the Johnson family is heading to the city to join a march, Andy’s ready to don his battle gear and be the best solider!

Except this isn’t a march to war . . . it’s a march for justice.

Join Andy and the rest of the Johnson kids as they learn how we can answer God’s call for justice and how marching is one way people can fight for a world that reflects God’s love and compassion—from the civil rights era up to today.

Building on the first Johnson family book, Josey Johnson’s Hair and the Holy Spirit, and inspired by a conversation with his own children after taking them to a protest march, Esau McCaulley provides an accessible resource for parents and educators looking to engage kids on the topics of racism, discrimination, and social justice through a biblical and historical perspective.

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