The Season of Repentance and Renewal

“Lent is inescapably about repenting.” Every year, the church invites us into a season of repentance and fasting in preparation for Holy Week. It’s an invitation to turn away from our sins and toward the mercy and grace of Christ.

Often, though, we experience the Lenten fast as either a mindless ritual or self-improvement program. In this short volume, priest and scholar Esau McCaulley introduces the season of Lent, showing us how its prayers and rituals point us not just to our own sinfulness but also beyond it to our merciful Savior.


The Fullness of Time: Series Preface
We Must Repent: An Introduction to Lent

1. Facing Death, Finding Hope: Ash Wednesday
2. What Do These Things Mean?: The Rituals of Lent
3. What We Have Received: The Prayers and Scriptures of Lent
4. He Loved Us to the End: Holy Week

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