Does the Bible Support or Dismantle Racism?

    ****Editor’s note: I gave this 30 minute talk in Buffalo, NY. at the Nickel City Forum.  It is not meant to be the last word on the topic. Time precluded a more extensive discussion of all the issues surrounding race and the bible. Since we find ourselves in upstate New York, some seventyContinue reading “Does the Bible Support or Dismantle Racism?”

The New Testament and Public Criticism of Politicians

  In the wake of the recent election, I have seen many Christians quote the biblical command to respect authority and pray for the leaders that God has placed over us. Two texts have been prominent in this admonition: Romans 13:1–3 and 1 Timothy 2:1–2. They read: Let every person be subject to the governingContinue reading “The New Testament and Public Criticism of Politicians”

Black Movers, White Neighborhoods

    Yesterday, four movers arrived at our new home to deliver items I had not seen since we placed them in storage some three years ago. Two of these delivery men were African American brothers. When one of them walked in he said, “I remember this house! I moved the people out of hereContinue reading “Black Movers, White Neighborhoods”

In God’s Good Time: On My first class at Northeastern Seminary

    The people’s champ must be everything the people can’t be…You must have missed the come up, I must be all I can be. Call me Mr. Mufasa, I had to master stampedes– Chance the Rapper Until what he had said came to pass, the word of the LORD tested him –Psalms 105:19 ThisContinue reading “In God’s Good Time: On My first class at Northeastern Seminary”

Seminary and the Curse of Ham: On the need for Diverse Faculty

  Noah damning Ham, 19th-century painting by Ivan Stepanovitch Ksenofontov.   Part I: Seminary, the Sons of God, and the Curse of Ham (if all you care about is the interpretation of the curse of Ham feel free to skip to Part II below) I went seminary to learn the Bible. I think all ofContinue reading “Seminary and the Curse of Ham: On the need for Diverse Faculty”

Thoughts on a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land: Part I

  All I ever wanted to be was a football coach. I saw coaches making a difference in my city. For many of us it was football or the streets.  Sports had the ability to capture our imagination, but not forever. The goal was to keep us in school long enough so that we might beginContinue reading “Thoughts on a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land: Part I”

All holiness is local: the feast of Saint David King of Scots!

Today I found myself struggling to find something relevant to say about Saint David King of Scots. It was my duty to speak to those gathered about a saint whose life we remembered for its witness to the gospel. But what could I say to a gathering of mostly Scots about a Scottish king when 48 hoursContinue reading “All holiness is local: the feast of Saint David King of Scots!”

Christmastide and St. Stephen’s Day

The gates of heaven were opened for blessed Stephen, who was found to be first among the Martyrs and therefore is crowned triumphant in heaven. – Entrance Antiphon for the feast of St. Stephen After midnight, in the first moments of Christmas, I stood before the altar clothed in white to celebrate the coming ofContinue reading “Christmastide and St. Stephen’s Day”

Christian Higher Education and the Diversity Question Part I

I fully understand that the job market in Christian higher education is depressing. It is not my intention to discuss those matters here. Nor is it my intention to advocate for a dramatic change in hiring practices. I want to discuss one reason why there are so few African Americans or other minorities teaching inContinue reading “Christian Higher Education and the Diversity Question Part I”