Black and Anglican: A Maundy Thursday Conversion Story

The question that follows me as I move through the world as an African American Anglican priest, who identifies deeply with Black culture, is how did such an anomaly occur?  How did I move from the Black Baptist tradition of my childhood to a form of ancient Christianity as mediated initially through the Church ofContinue reading “Black and Anglican: A Maundy Thursday Conversion Story”

Mourning and the Kingdom: Paris, Beirut, Nigeria.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted –Jesus Christ One of the central tenants of the loosely organized movement labeled “black lives matter” is the idea that black lives are not as highly prized as others. It was never, at least in the Christian appropriation of the term, meant to negate theContinue reading “Mourning and the Kingdom: Paris, Beirut, Nigeria.”